Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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Your easy step-by-step guide to caring for your period undies

Switching to period knickers is a no-brainer, whether you're looking to help the environment, your daughter's confidence and comfort, or your budget. Period undies JUST MAKE SENSE. They're what every teen and pre-teen need right NOW to set them up for life with periods, especially from a reputable brand that produce sustainable, eco-friendly, and breathable undies ... like KNICKED!

If you want to learn more why it's IMPORTANT that your girls only wear BREATHABLE period underwear, read more about that here!

With Knicked, caring for your girls' period undies is NOT THAT HARD! Follow the easy and simple steps below to learn how to properly care for your Knicked period undies:

A step-by-step guide to caring for your period undies

STEP 1: BEFORE using our period knickers, wash them.

After you've bought your daughter's Knicked period undies, make sure that you wash them first to activate the amazing absorbency features of our knickers. Line dry, then they're good to go! 

STEP 2: AFTER wearing your Knicked knickers, rinse them in the shower, first.

Before putting your daughter's Knicked undies in the washing machine, get her to take them off when she's in the shower, and stomp on them until the water runs clear. If the water runs clear after a good squeeze, then that's the time for step 3. REMEMBER, NEVER use a fabric softener on any of your Knicked period undies as they are very toxic to marine life. Knicked underwear contains only unique antibacterial properties that help prevent bacteria from building up. Our charcoal infused mesh layer also eliminates any odour, and our knickers do not use nano-silver or PUL, so they're 100% safe for you and the environment alike.

STEP 3: Store them in a wash bag

After you've washed your daughter's period undies, store them in our Knicked Wash Bag till you next load of darks/colours and pop them into the washing machine. We recommend leaving the Wash Bag in the bathroom during cycles, so that your girls can easily rinse their underwear either whilst they are in the shower or in the hand basin after use. Our Wash Bag can hold up to 5 pairs, then when full, pop into the washing machine. 

STEP 4: Cold machine wash ONLY!

When it's laundry time, always make sure that you only cold machine wash your daughter's Knicked undies and don't add fabric softener or bleach, as they can affect the "moisture-wicking" properties of the knickers.  

Every pair of Knicked undies should stay soft and flexible after every wash, so if you find the underwear has become a little hard or stiff, then it's a simple fix, as they just haven't been rinsed correctly.  

If you would like us to send you FREE one of our magnets to pop on the front of your washing machine, with our care instructions, please let us know here

Knicked washing care instructions magnet

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