No leaks, stains or odours for up to 10 hours all day, everyday

Knicked ~ a mash-up of knickers and period

Our Period Underwear is specifically designed for Tweens & Teens, and eliminates the need for bulky pads/panty liners or intrusive tampons AND they don't contribute to the enormous period waste polluting our oceans and landfills.

I’m super proud of what we've created and are continuing to develop. The incredible & positive feedback from mums and girls about how much easier this has made managing their period or in the lead up to getting a first period, makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Hi, I'm Caro, mum of two amazing girls ...

When my youngest was approaching puberty, I searched for a product to lessen the worry and protect her if menarche "first menstrual period" happened but couldn't find anything.

So I set about creating what today is known as Knicked : sustainable, comfortable, high quality pre-period and period underwear for girls 8 to 18 years that eliminates the need for bulky pads and intrusive tampons.

I love hearing from other mum's just how easy Knicked has made transitioning and managing periods for their own daughters, plus we are all doing something wonderful for the planet by reducing period waste.

Caro xox

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heavy-absorbency range

Active Stretch Period Underwear

Super Soft Modal Period Underwear

Knicked period underwear for teens and tweens. Sports, heavy flow.

Our cooling Micromesh Active undies in Heavy absorbency (pink on waistband) offers the highest level of absorbency

It can hold between 40-60mls (the equivalent of at least 6 soaked regular pads or tampons). 

Made with 5 layers of construction and gives up to 10 hrs of protection from leaks, stains and odours.

Use either all day or overnightwithout the need for bulky soggy pads or uncomfortable tampons.

Cooling lightweight stretch materialin our bikini cut.

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Knicked eco modal material, heavy absorbency, overnight, low cut hipster bikini for teens and tweens.

Our Eco Modal (super soft cotton) Hipsters Heavy absorbency offers the highest level of protection

It can hold between 40-60mls (the equivalent of at least 6 soaked regular pads or tampons.)

Made with 5 layers of construction and gives up to 10 hrs of protection from leaks, stains and odours.

Use either all day or overnight for total protection without the need for bulky pads or awkward tampons.

Made from super soft Eco Modal in our lower cut hipster style bikini.

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Pay for six, but receive seven pairs!

Bundle & Save $$$



Giving your tweens and teens worry-free days and complete protection in those lead up months prior to a first period

INCLUDES: 5 pairs of light absorbency & 2 pairs of heavy absorbency in either Active Stretch or Super-Soft Modal

Gift wrapped and comes with a special surprise gift

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Don't let periods hold you back, this bundle has you covered. Upto 10hrs of total protection from leaks, stains & odours.

INCLUDES: 5 pairs of heavy/overnight absorbency & 2 pairs of light absorbency in either Active Stretch or Super-Soft Modal

All wrapped up in tissue paper with a bonus free gift!

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Dance Diva

Teen PMS monthly magic

Super soft cotton hipster

Flesh / Nude coloured bikini cut with bottom coverage!! 

Knicked leak-proof technology right up to the back waistband

Whether your pirouetting, leaping, somersaulting or just hanging out with friends, Diva will have you protected!

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Provides comfort for PMS symptoms, such as cramps, nausea, feelings of sadness, headache + mood swings.

100% therapeutic grade organic essential oils

Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot Peel, Chamomile Roman, Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Lotus & Orange

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Designed to hold 5mls or one panty liner.

Ideal for girls who haven't yet had a period or light spotting

Made with super soft Eco Modal in our hipster cut.

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