Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

How Does Knicked Swim Work?

How to care for my Knicked undies

Knicked Period Undies are seriously good at doing their job but they do need to be cared for correctly to continue to do so... 

We recommend (after ensuring you have purchased the correct size) giving your new garment a quick wash to really activate the amazing absorbency, line dry and they are now ready to go..


After wearing our heavy absorbency pairs, they must be rinsed (either in the shower or basin) till the water runs clear and giving them a good squeeze.

They can then be stored (we recommend using a wash bag) till your next doing a load of washing and popped in with similar coloured clothing.. 

Cold water machine wash with NO fabric softeners or bleach.  You can add products like Hygiene/Laundry Sanitiser if you wish but this isn't necessary. 

Knicked underwear should still be soft and flexible in the absorbency area, if you find the underwear has become slightly stiff or crunchy, then they haven't been rinsed correctly and dried blood is still within the absorbency which will affect the wear time when next worn.  If this is the case we recommend re rinsing/squeezing again in the basin/bucket with cold water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar added to eliminate any build up of trapped blood.