Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

How Does Knicked Swim Work?

Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear ... and more big topics!

KNICKED is proud to be the leaders in so many areas, and we were the first to design period underwear with absorbency up to the back waistband, first to design dance period underwear, the first to bring MODAL period underwear to market, amongst many other accomplishments!

Not all period underwear is created equal, and it's really important that you know what you're putting on your daughter's nether regions! But WHY should we be wearing BREATHABLE period underwear? It's simple - to prevent rashes and irritation, or worse - infection, especially if you're prone to those issues which some people are.

According to Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MD, and an ob-gyn in New York, "Breathability is really important!"

Just like the other material that we commonly use in our knickers ~ Micromesh~ it's lightweight, and very breathable ... PLUS, it prevents sweating - so your daughters can feel dry all day.

Knicked makes every day (period days and the in-between days) just so normal and easy, eliminating the bulky and sweaty feeling brought about by pads and tampons.

... and have you heard about TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome

What is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

In most cases, we have this common type of bacteria, which is called Staphylococcus aureus, that lives on the inside of our nose, and it's harmless. However, if it enters the bloodstream it's a major problems. When this type of bacterium becomes enlarged and enters the bloodstream, it releases or becomes TSS toxins. 

What causes the Staphylococcus aureus to enlarge? 

Tampons that are left in the vagina for a long period of time! YIKES!

Watch this video from Goalcast about a supermodel who got both her feet amputated due to Toxic Shock Syndrome brought about by wearing a tampon.

We've written a blog post about period toxicity, and how safe our knickers are - click here to learn more!

With Knicked, you don't have to worry about TSS and other environmental issues. You can wear, wash and reuse them over again - they will last up to 2 years if cared for properly. Make sure that you wash them after every wear to prevent stains from building up. Also, toss them in the washing machine with like-coloured clothes (again, to prevent stains). It is also VERY important that you don't use fabric softeners as it affects the waterproof membrane, and it's also bad for the environment.

Why you shouldn't use fabric softeners on your knickers?

According to mindbodygreen, fabric softeners are made of petroleum-based ingredients which can be very toxic to marine life because they're not easily biodegradable. So, a big no-no for fabric softeners.

Knicked underwear contains only unique antibacterial properties that helps prevent bacteria from building up. Our charcoal infused mesh layer also eliminates any stinky odour, and our knickers do not use nano-silver or PUL, too, so they're 100% safe to you and to the environment alike.

Knicked knickers and swimwear bottoms have been thoroughly researched, tested, approved, and are SAFE for your daughters, PLUS they save the environment from years and years of sanitary products ending up in landfills and our oceans. Learn more about the environmental impact of menstrual products here

What's all the buzz about MODAL?

Modal is breathable and silky smooth to the touch and boasts impressive resistance to shrinkage and pilling. It's approximately 50% more water-absorbent per unit volume than cotton. It’s designed to absorb the dye and stay colour-fast when washed in warm water, which makes it a popular choice for underwear and activewear. It was originally developed in 1951 in Japan, and some Modal is still make there.

We offer our Eco Modal in in both light and heavy absorbency, and they can be worn either all day or overnight for total protection without the need for bulky pads or awkward tampons.

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