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Very comfy undies

I got these for my daughter for pre-period wear. She feels so much more secure wearing them and says they are very comfortable- just like regular underwear.

Mixed Period Bundle

Smooth sailing

I have tried two well known brands before Knicked. In fact, I had given up on ‘period undies’. Every brand that was recommended in reviews and by friends had leaked. My daughter is 11 and athletic. She couldn’t quite get her head around tampons so when I saw the Knicked ad and thought ‘I’ll give it one last try’. I contacted Caro several times and she was always prompt and thorough with her replies to my questions. The claims in reviews that these undies don’t leak are truth. I don’t normally do reviews either but Caro your service and advice and the back and forth emails we sent to get the right products was greatly appreciated. Our daughter has danced, played netball and done running club. No leaks. In fact she forgot to change for dance after school and had eight hours in the same dance diva undies (medium day) and had no leaks. They wash beautifully too. Don’t bother wasting your money on other brands. Thanks Caro.

Pre Period Assurance

Purchased these for my daughter who seems to be getting close to her period so that she can wear them each day in place of normal undies. A poor girl in the grade above her at school had her first period come through and stain her uniform - of course there were mean kids who made fun of her and she was just mortified. Not something you recover from easily at that age, so I don't want my girls getting caught out like that poor girl!!!
She has been wearing them for a few weeks now and has much more confidence and loves them. Thank you Knicked, we will be back to purchase more of these great quality confidence boosters! Highly recommended

Lovely soft material

I wasn't sure what I was expecting but certainly not such soft and light material. My daughter said they felt so nice on. Thanks so much for this great product.

Period Undies Wash Bag

I purchased 2 of the Period Undies Wash Bags. They are a great size and and have a cute design on the front. I have one for the shower & one for the laundry.

Easy Period bundle

Wow - wish these had been around when I was a teenage. Super easy - my daughter is finding them great. Easy to use, really comfortable and great for the environment. She has added confidence in using Knicked and wants me to buy some more diva ones for dance. Postage to NZ was no problem. Thank you Joanne - NZ

In Preparation

My daughter hasn't used the 'Heavy Absorbency undies' yet - I have bought them in preparation. She is currently using the pre-period underwear that she finds very comfortable and reassuring 'in case' she begins her first period at school.


Thank you so much. Fast delivery and the best quality ever. This is my second time purchasing from you, and definitely won’t be my last.

Pre Period Bundle - so impressed!

I recently purchased the Pre Period Bundle for my daughter who has just turned 12, and was so impressed with the whole process. In addition to being very impressed with the quality of the underwear, it was kindly express posted free of charge.

I also bought my daughter the dance diva underwear, as she dances most days, and they are fantastic - you cannot see them through even her most light leotards and dance costumes.

Cannot recommend these enough, what an amazing product line you have created while making a tricky time so much easier for young girls. Thank you!

Active pre period light

My 10yr old is very happy with undies & said they are super comfortable & fit great. Thank you xxx

Great product, comfortable fit.

Pre period undies

My 10yr old is very happy with these and thinks they are super comfy! Lovely material. 🙂

Good quality

I ordered these to be prepared for when my daughter starts her period. She likes the look of them and the quality is excellent. I hope that they will make her life easier when that time of month starts.

Not been used yet


My young daughter says they are very comfy


My daughter absolutely loves these knickers! So ouch so, that she will no longer wear anything else, ever… and that’s saying a lot for a teen who struggles to find anything comfortable (and knickers are our biggest struggle)! Thank you so much to Caro and the team for making my life that much easier!

My Second Order

After being really happy with the first order we received, I have ordered additional pairs for my daughter. They are a great cut and excellent quality. They wash well too!

Dance Diva ~ Beige
Rebekah H.

I received my Knicked underwear and tried them straight away, I now stand by the washing machine waiting for them. ( I have 2 x pairs)
Unlike most girls that wear them for discreet purposes, I am in my last stages of pregnancy. These have become my everyday underwear. I feel comfortable, confident and “ safe”.
They are discreet, odour free and most of all so comfortable around the bottom of my baby bump. Highly recommend them for any mum to be !!
They also don’t leave any visible undie line.
Thankyou Knicked, one less thing for me to worry about xx

Lovely material

My daughter loved the feel of the material and the fit.


These are the most comfortable and reassuring option for young active girls

My teenager is very happy with these undies. She is especially happy she can wear a pair all day at school and not have to worry about changing anything.


My 12 year old loves them .she hated wearing pads . These give her so much confidence as they never leak . She isn't regular in her cycle so if she just thinks she may be getting her period she just wears them to school and doesn't have to worry . Brilliant product .

High cut for High kicks

The cut of these Dance Diva Knickers is purrrrfect ! Invisible under dancewear great with jazz shorts and great even under swimmers !!
Can't wait for you guys to do swimwear, you will nail it !!!!
I love that my daughters have their beige divas for ballet days and black for jazzing it up!
Never miss class again!
10 points !

Invisible !!

Changed my girls dance lives, perfect cut not bulky invisible under leotards for ballet, no more bike shorts required !!