Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

How Does Knicked Swim Work?


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My daughter loves them. Much more comfortable than conventional pads. The Dance Diva’s are discreet under her gymnastics leotard. A fantastic option for teenage girls who are just starting to go through puberty.

Comfortable quality underwear

My daughter loves them. Perfect for a dancer.

A favourite!

These are my teens favourite undies, even when it’s not that time of the month. They say they are the comfiest undies they own!

Postage was quick. Very well made product. And fit my very slim 10 year old well!

Repeat customer!

We love these period underwear. My daughter feels safe and comfortable when she wears them. Never had a leak, even in the night. Highly recommend.


My daughter loves them, thank you!


Sport shorts

My daughter loves them as they are close to bike shorts to wear under sports uniforms. Also they dry alot faster than others

My Daughter Loves Them!

My 12 year old says they are very comfy and work well. The padding in the bra area works well. It's a little lower than expected but is able to be adjusted.

Extremely Happy

It was a surprise to notice my child was developing at 8 1/2. Being prepared with light absorbency underwear takes the fear away of my child getting her period and being overwhelmed by the arrival. She was delighted with the products, they are comfortable and meet her sensory needs.

Boy Legs are the best

My daughter is a boy leg undies kinda person .. before we brought these she struggled to find comfort with pads on her normal boy leg undies. I brought 3 pairs at my first purchase not knowing the product but was hopeful they’d work great. And I was glad I did.
She loves them & wears them confidently with just a tshirt over the top even when she doesn’t have her period. She loves the 2 pockets too .. it holds an iPhone plus with ease.
These are great for school as on the heavy days you can put a no wing pad on top so during the day on heavy cycles she can take off the pad once it’s full & still have protection for the rest of her school day.
She washed these herself after every use as suggested & it doesn’t weird her out at all.

Fantastic & super Comfy

My daughter loves these .. buying them a size smaller was perfect .. she washes them herself in a specific bucket after every use as suggested/recommended.

Have recommended to all my friends

Great quality, work fabulously. True to size fit and decent timeframe for delivery to NZ. No comparison to any available here in NZ. Very happy.

My daughter loves these/

I have bought a lot of period underwear from here and these by far are the best ones for comfort that my daughter has. She said she loves them so much she doesn’t want to take them off. I’ve gone and ordered some more of these since she loves them. No more leaks during the night from the sides of her knickers. These are definitely better for sleeping when she is having a heavier night.

We came back for more!!

Both my girls love this underwear. They are sporty (touch footy and netball) so they train and play games daily and love how comfortable they are and are totally confident they will have no accidents while wearing this period underwear. Thank you team for making life easier for my girls to do what they love.

Fantastic product

Bought these for my daughter and she loves them. She finds them comfortable and safe when swimming. Thanks

Wow! They actually work!

These were the words of my daughter after using the swimwear briefs purchased for her. She has just started working at the local pool as a swim instructor and, not being comfortable in the pool with tampons needed a solution that would work. (Previously to working at the pool, she would miss swimming when she had her period.) These briefs meant she could concentrate on her classes and keep teaching with no need to nip to the bathroom between lessons. They dry reasonably quickly although I did purchase two pairs so that one pair can be drying while the second are in use. The tassles are a nice feature, but not necessary and she was glad that these could be easily removed as she found the briefs more convenient without them.

Swim wear

My 11 year old daughter. Likes then a lot. She is so happy she can still go swimming. Things have changed a lot since I was a young girl. It's great.

Great quality

Excellent quality, great sizing and actually works. Very happy


I bought the swimwear for my tween. She just wore them on a camp that was full of water activities. She said they never leaked at all and she was very confident in doing all activities. Thank you!!

My daughter got her first period 2 days before the first day of high school!

Yes that's right she woke up Sunday panicked - "What am I going to do!" We raced around to grab the necessary supplies needed for school - "To get her through." But you see my daughter is in a selective dance program and was distressed about how she was to deal with this. So the search was on - surely there were products out there for dancers. We had various goes with other companies trying them on under the leotard but when we found Knicked that was it. The rating for how many tampons is particularly helpful. Most other brands are not as confident with there rating and it is really hard to decipher which brief is required for which day. Realistically as a dancer you want a brief that is seamless, and able to take the heaviest leak because as my daughter pointed out. "what if I'm in mid leap on stage and I have a huge gush! I cant be like well I should've worn a thicker one. Just give me the coverage from the beginning!"
My daughter has helped other girls in similar situations this term and has proudly handed them the postcard for the dance briefs. "This is what you need!" She wears Knicked through out the month and is not concerned at all. Thank you so much for taking the time to research and produce a product that has given my girl confidence and pride.

Best swimmers for teens

My daughter loves these swimmers. Very discreet. The second pair we have bought.

My daughter.
Loves them. So easy for her to use.
Swimmers are great too.

Great for pre teens

My daughter had tried on products from another popular brand and hated them so much. She said it felt like she was wearing a nappy! I ordered the bundle with a few different styles from Knicked for her to try. I did have to exchange the size of the regular styles (the dance styles all fit perfectly). She didn’t really like the hipster style ones but that is her personal preference. She is happily wearing these and no nappy complaints!

Teen Period Dance Underwear ~ Dance Diva (Beige) ~ Seamless with Anti-leak Technology

Major dance competition, pure white costume and a period all in the same weekend. No problems or stress with these!! They gave my daughter the confidence she needed to feel comfortable in her costume on stage. Can't give these enough stars, they are brillliant!! And they were high cut enough to not be seen under the leotard.