How They Work

How period undies work

Knicked underwear is made using several different layers, which together keep you totally protected for up to 10hrs without the use of bulky pads or intrusive tampons…


  • Outer fabric: Your choice of either luxurious super soft Eco Modal or lightweight Sports Micromesh.

  • Leak proof layer: This is the layer that prevents liquids from passing through the underwear but still allows airflow so it’s breathable and prevents sweating.

  • Central layer: Our unique absorbent layer, which locks in the liquid. In our Heavy Absorbency range it can hold more than 200 times it own weight, which makes it one of the highest on the market.

  • Inner layer: A soft charcoal infused mesh lining, which eliminates odour and is moisture wicking – giving you a drier surface next to your skin. 

    Knicked is dedicated to eliminating period waste so 
    Wear them, Wash them and Re-use again and again…