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How films can be so beneficial for your kids

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How films can be so beneficial for your daughters

Smart phones, smart cameras, smart houses ... pretty much everything is evolving and turning into a "SMART" world. Therefore, our kids are exposed to both the positive and negative effects of this so called "modern age" that didn't exist to the same extent, when we were their age! 

We all know as parents that it's up to us to show our kids  that too much gadget consumption is NOT GOOD! A great way to connect with them, and reduce gadget time for all of us, is to watch a film together! 

There are some great films out there that have meaningful messages, and are perfect for our kids to watch. In this blog, we tackle the benefits of watching films, particularly period-related movies for your daughters. Like this movie below (Turning Red by Disney).

Let's briefly talk about Turning Red and its metaphorical connection with periods. 

This film centres on a girl who turns into a red panda due to her ancestor's mystical connection with red pandas. Every time she feels a strong emotion coming on, it automatically releases the red panda in her. 

According to Director and co-writer, Domee Shi, "the movie openly talks about periods and how we deal with the things that we inherit from our mums."

Periods are STILL a taboo topic in some parts of the world, and by watching movies like Turning Red it helps parents and caregivers to share a little of bit of information on how to deal with and handle periods. 

Before Turning Red, there was also another Disney movie that openly talked about periods. It's called 'The Story of Menstruation.'

 It's the first Disney movie to ever mention puberty publically, and it was back in 1946.

Benefits of films to your daughters

According to Nobel Coaching & Tutoring, "Movies are an important part of youth culture and as such are recommended to parents, teachers, and counsellors as valuable tools in addressing the emotional and social needs of teens."


This strategy mainly points out the importance of talking or reflecting about the movie they've just watched or the book they've just read afterward. By doing so, it can help your kids understand and discover their needs, fears, desires, values, and aspirations, and also help them learn new coping mechanisms, so that they know what to do when something happens next time. Pre-prepared is a great, comfortable, safe place to be!

Through this strategy, you help your kids understand that periods are not something to be ashamed of. THEY'RE NORMAL, and are part of what makes us human!

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Ask questions about their favourite movie/s

This method is also very effective if you want to learn your kid's likes, views in life, dreams, aspirations - ask them about their favourite movie! Questions like: "What did you love most about this movie? "What message do you think we are supposed to be learning from it?" These are just basic questions, but you'll be surprised with the amount of information you'll learn by just asking these.

At the end of the day, we always want what's best for our daughters. If you have a tween or teen who's about to get her first period, make sure that she is period-ready. Grab our WELCOME PACK now! OR if you want to switch your daughter to reusables that are not only safe for her but also for the environment, then grab our EASY PERIOD BUNDLE now!