Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

How Does Knicked Swim Work?

PERIOD SWIMWEAR (Heavy Absorbency)

Our Period Swimwear Collection is more than just a fashion statement; it's a revolution in aquatic wear, empowering females especially tweens & teens to embrace their love for the water without any period-related concerns. Dive in with confidence, surf with style, and redefine your swim experience with our versatile range of period swimwear  without the fear of leaks. It's time to make waves, make memories, and make a splash with absolute confidence

* All swimwear purchased on sale is excluded from our exchange offer but can  be returned in as new condition within 30 days of purchase for a gift voucher to repurchase another size or style.

**Please read our FYI on period swimwear to ensure you are using it correctly