About Us

Hi my name is Caro and when my youngest was starting her last year of primary we had a very open and honest conversation about puberty and periods.  Together we packed a small purse with spare knickers and a pad for that “just in case it happens” but this little SOS pack still wouldn’t stop perhaps an embarrassing “oh no” moment and only helped with the afterwards.

Worldwide girls are experiencing a first period at a younger age than ever before and sadly this can cause distress and embarrassment for those still in their primary years.

So, the idea of Knicked (a mash up of knickers and period) was hatched – It took well over a year of researching materials, finding the right manufacturer, creating samples, endless testing and fine turning to produce 2 types of Period Underwear specifically designed for Tweens & Teens which eliminates the need for bulky pads/panty liners or intrusive tampons and just as importantly is not contributing to the enormous period waste polluting our oceans and landfills.

Our Light Absorbency or Pre-period underwear has a Knicked in white on the waistband and can absorb 5-10mls (1 light tampon/panty liner) and is the perfect choice for everyday wear from the beginning of puberty when discharge can start.

Our Heavy Absorbency underwear has Knicked in pink on the waistband can absorb 40mls (6 soaked pads/tampons) giving girls even with heavy periods protection from leaks and odours.

I’m super proud of the products and love getting so much positive feedback from mums and girls about how much easier this has made managing their period or in the lead up to getting a first period.

Caro xoxo