Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

How Does Knicked Swim Work?


Our heavy absorbency Modal/Active underwear are designed to last all day or overnight without leaks, odours or discomfort..

With our leakproof absorbency right up to the back waistband, you'll stay drier than a bulky pad and more comfortable than tampons.. Up to 10 hrs or the equivalent of 6 soaked regular pads..

Sporty Shorts are the ultimate choice for super heavy flow or long days at sport, dance and school PLUS the comfiest option for sleeping/lounging around with absorbency even in the inside leg you're covered from side, back, front leaks.

Our new seamless med/heavy underwear is the first and only of our products with a lowered absorbency area so perfect for shorter wearing times and the perfect choice for when you don't want any VPL such as tight leggings or fitted outfits.