Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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Environmental Impact

In Australia around 20 billion sanitary products end up in landfill and our oceans each year. Did you know that just one packet of pads is the equivalent to 4 plastic shopping bags?

90% of every sanitary pad is plastic and it’s estimated that it takes between 500-800 years to biodegrade!! It’s documented that every female could in a lifetime purchase and use 10,000 disposable sanitary products, that's around 130kg of period waste per person which all ends up in landfill and oceans, that is until now – Knicked is the most effective underwear to eliminate period waste for girls who are beginning their journey through to womanhood. We all wear underwear every day, so replacing it with Knicked will not only save you money and your daughter from embarrassing leaks, but also protect our beautiful planet!

As parents, we don't want our daughters experiencing embarrassment related to their periods nor health issues that they may acquire by continually using pads, tampons and other unfriendly period products in the market. In creating my own reusable and sustainable period knickers for teens and tweens ~ Knicked.

environmental impact from disposable menstrual products

What makes Knicked knickers good for your daughters and good the environment?

(1) KNICKED UNDIES DON'T CONTAIN HARMFUL CHEMICALS which is important for the human body AND for the environment. Unlike other period products, Knicked uses either a super soft Eco Modal, or a lightweight Sports Micromesh. 

Modal (or popularly known as underwear, pyjama, and bed sheet fabric), is lightweight by nature, stretchable, and best of all, breathable. It's made out of rayon, a plant-based textile. This ensures Knicked is sustainable and eco-friendly, as the materials used are a result of years and years of research and testing to make sure they're safe before they're even released to the public.

(2) KNICKED UNDIES CAN BE WORN OVER AND OVER ... you can wear, wash and reuse your Knicked underwear up to at least two years with our Heavy Absorbency range if cared for correctly. If, over time they become less absorbent,  you can still wear them on light days and just purchase new pairs to cover your heavy days. You are still WAY out in front cost-wise compared to all the pads/tampons you would have purchased and put into landfill.
Knicked pre-period/light absorbency undies can be used for over two years.

environmental impact from disposable menstrual products

A 2016 CHOICE study found menstrual cups and period underwear have minimal impact on the environment compared to tampons and pads.

Disposables products can have a big impact on landfill — every pad takes around 500-800 years to biodegrade.

According to an ABC News article, aside from landfill, there's the issue of production: cotton-growing requires pesticides, which can pollute waterways.

Then there's the flushing.

"I went to school with so many girls who would put tampons in the toilet without realising that's not a thing you should do," Liv, now in her 20s, says.

Flushing tampons, their wrappers and their applicators can cause pipes to block and sewage systems to flood.

"Sydney Water has to remove hundreds of tonnes of non-degradable products from our network every year and it costs us and other utilities millions of dollars to remove these products," Peter Hadfield, from Sydney Water, says.

"These problems aren't just happening in Sydney, they are happening right across Australia and globally."

So, from their reusable nature to what they're made of, that means less landful, less waste, less toxic chemicals both on and in the body AND seeping into the environment, it's no wonder that millions of girls and women around the world are switching to period undies. They're the natural choice, for a greener, brighter future.