Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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Everything you need to know about period underwear

Everything you need to know about period undies

Not that long ago (i.e. when I was a girl!) we only had pads and tampons to choose between when it came to dealing with our periods ... and for my mum's generation, they had a belt! This collage below, shows that dealing with periods certainly hasn't been as easy as it is now! Those "Sanitary Bloomers; made of all-rubber, self-adjusting, no strings, buttons or pins needed. Side openings or ventilators guarantee circulation of air, with coolness and comfort. Reversible, snug fitting and always secure. Made in one-piece! Cleansed by immersion in hot water!" are something else entirely!!! 

santitary products through the ages

Perhaps they were the first version of period undies? Thank goodness we evolved, and Knicked is making it SO EASY for our daughters to cruise through their periods, with as little fuss and drama as possible! From our dance diva period undies, to our heavy absorbency collection including our new sporty shorts design, PLUS our range of period swimmers, we are thrilled that we bring this incredible range of products to market. We take the stress out of our daughters getting their first period and the lead up to it (our pre-period, light absorbency are perfect for this stage in their life), and then throughout their teens years until they reach adulthood. Our period knickers are designed specifically for young girls. 

What are period undies?

Knicked period undies

Period undies, also known as knickers, pants, bloomers, briefs, drawers, panties, smalls ... are undies to be worn in order to protect their clothes from period leaks. 

Unlike pads and tampons, period undies are REUSABLE for at least 2 years (often longer, if well looked after) and are good for you and good for the environment!

Why are period undies good for the environment?

Number of disposable pads an Australian woman uses in her lifetime

On average, a girl disposes 10,000 to 12,000 menstrual products over the course of her lifetime. That means, more and more waste is being dumped into our oceans and landfill. Since sanitary pads are 90% made of plastic, they take more than 500 to 800 years to decompose. Yikes!

Sanitary pads are the 5th most common waste found in our oceans today! If we don't reduce this, we can expect MORE pollution, MORE blocked drains,  MORE poisoned animals, WORSE CLIMATE CHANGE, and the list goes on. The time to act is NOW, and it's EASY to do your bit! 

How to combat this?

This is where period knickers come in ... they are sustainable, breathable, and reusable, so less waste to throw and decompose. PLUS, period knickers don't contain harmful chemicals. With Knicked, we only use either a super soft Eco Modal, or a lightweight Sports Micromesh. 

But what do they feel like?

Period undies are super comfortable to wear. They're just like your normal knickers, they just have additional features and a greater purpose - which is to absorb blood and liquid with no leaks or bad odours. Period undies don't feel icky or wet, because the blood is locked away. If you notice a wet feeling, then it's probably time to change, but our heavy absorbency period undies will easily get you through a day. As with other sanitary products, there may need to be a period of trialling and testing because your daughter will be getting used to not only having her period, but also how she deals with it, how light or heavy her flow is, and how much it changes from day to day while she's menstruating, on different days of her cycle.

If you want your daughter to try her first pair of Knicked period undies, made especially for tweens and teens, you can use our code TRYME at checkout to get $5.00 OFF your first purchase on our webstore.

Trusted by mums, and loved by teens and tweens.

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