Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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Why Period Undies are the perfect present!

We all know how important it is to have a good pair of undies. Wearing ill-fitting undies can totally wreck your day!! Good undies don't creep up your bottom, and when they fit well and are ultra comfortable you can even forget you're wearing them, which in turn, helps us feel confident! But what about period underwear? These are specially designed to absorb menstrual blood and protect your clothes from stains, as well as doing their bit to save the environment from single-use period products. As we talked about in our last blog post, on average, a girl disposes of 10,000 to 12,000 menstrual products over the course of her lifetime. That means, more and more waste is being dumped into our oceans and landfill. Since sanitary pads are 90% made of plastic, they take more than 500 to 800 years to decompose. Eww. 

Our kids are far more onto it when it comes to understanding the problems our planet is facing. In fact, children are helping to make their families more eco-friendly! So, you can show your daughters you are on board with planet pollution issues, by gifting them period undies and Knicked accessories! When you're looking for the perfect present for a special tween or teen in your life, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just because, period underwear makes a great present for any occasion!

 knicked period undies make the best gift for tweens and teens for any occasion


Here are 3 reasons why:

(1) They are a unique and thoughtful gift.

You can't go wrong with giving a unique gift. While it may seem like you are giving your loved ones something they already have, the fact that you chose to buy them period products that align with their earth-friendly-awareness, shows them you CARE about what the planet will look like for their future, and how much thought went into choosing this gift.

The environment is the greatest concern for Australian children aged between 10 and 16, a national Unicef survey, released to mark World Children's Day, showed 28% of respondents named treatment of the environment as the most pressing issue for the world. Help your daughters by showing you care about their concerns! 

The environment has topped the list of concerns of Australians aged between 10 and 16 as children fight for a bigger say.

*Young protesters make their voice heard at the Strike 4 Climate rally in Sydney. Source: AAP via SBS. 

(2) Knicked period undies are made just for tweens and teens!

The best part about Knicked period panties is that they come in a variety of styles, absorbencies, designs and fabrics. We've designed them for tweens and teens, and considered all the factors about their lifestyles; sleepovers, dance concerts, swim squad, lazing about at home, movie marathons on weekends, soccer games, long school days - we've got them covered! There are so many different styles available that it's hard to choose where to start, so a BUNDLE is an excellent option!

knicked period undies heavy absorbency girls weekends

If you'd like to select your own, you can choose from seamless period underwear, sporty shorts, period knickers for active lifestyles and even period swimmers —the options are endless! We also designed the original (and the best quality!) dance period underwear, and we've sold over 10,000 pairs already! 

knicked period swimmers pool beach heavy absorbency

(3) They are super comfortable and can be worn all day long.

She can wear them all day long. Or all night through! Knicked period and leak-proof undies are a total replacement for disposable single-use period products like pads, tampons, panty liners, and cups. While everyone's flow is different, and you'll want to help your daughter test out which Knicked undies work best for which days of her flow, our range from light absorbency to heavy absorbency and even extra-heavy absorbency will give her peace of mind, wherever she is, whatever she's doing! Plus they're naturally odour-resistant, and our period and leak-proof undies lock in the moisture, helping get rid of any odour. Winning! 

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a tween or teen in your life, consider giving her some period underwear. Not only are they practical, they also are helping save the environment! She'll love them, we know, because mum's know best!