Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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What do dancers wear and use when they have their period?

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If you ARE or WERE a dancer, or you KNOW a dancer, you'll be well aware that dancing at a competitive or performance level is an art form that requires self-discipline, extreme dedication, and a high level of fitness. Add the extra challenge into the mix of dealing with your menstrual cycle while wearing a high-cut leotard, or a flesh coloured unitard for a costume, and being a dancer can feel a little overwhelming. 

Periods have been a taboo topic for ages, and it's only now, in some sectors, that we're finding it easier to talk openly ... but still, even though it's 2023, the majority of people don't find it easy to talk about periods in public. This "taboo" factor has led to there being many myths and misconceptions about menstruation, and one of the most prominent myths is that we should not dance during our periods - CRAZY! We know!!!

knicked period dance underwear in 3 styles and 2 colours
Dancing can actually help relieve menstrual cramps and other symptoms associated with periods. According to a 2018 study, low-to-medium intensity aerobic exercise can help reduce pain caused by period cramps. On top of this, dancing can also boost your mood and energy levels by releasing endorphins in your body. So if you feel like dancing during your period, go ahead and do it! There is nothing that should stop you (and certainly no silly old taboos or crazy myths that should hold you back) from doing what makes you happy. With specifically designed for dancing period underwear on hand, you can dance, split leap, pirouette and pas de chat even during your heaviest flow days. 

Knicked designed the first ever period underwear almost invisible under any dance, cheer or acro costume. Like all our period undies, our Dance Diva range still have our amazing Knicked leakproof technology right up to the back waistband - so whether your pirouetting, leaping, somersaulting or just hanging out with friends, our dance range will have you protected from stains, leaks and odours for hours.  They're designed to move with the body so you don't have to worry about any awkwardness, discomfort or leakage during any kind of physical activity. With period-proof technology becoming more advanced, many people are finding that period undies are the ideal, comfortable and totally reliable option for managing their periods.

Our period underwear is specially designed to absorb menstrual blood without any leakage or discomfort and is made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable even during rigorous activities like dancing. We have three different styles of dance period undies, with two colour options, and choose the most suitable period underwear for your needs, is absolutely crucial for dancers, because it will direct impacts their comfort and confidence during not just performances but regular class time, too. Here are a few options to consider:

Our Dance Diva High-Cut Period Underwear is the ORIGINAL dance period underwear, and the BEST ABSORBENCY of all dance period underwear on the market, worldwide.

Dance Diva is the perfect choice for wearing under high-cut costumes, leotards, or light-coloured outfits and is the LONGEST WEARING dance period underwear on the market. We created these to be super thin (not bulky) but still with absorbency up to the back waistband, giving you total protection from leaks whether you're pirouetting, leaping, somersaulting, or wearing your favourite white outfit.

Our Multi-Stretch Period Underwear Briefs are available in both black & beige and are the perfect choice for under leotards, leggings and activewear as we stopped any VPL (visible panty lines) offering leakproof protection all day, every day.

We have lowered the absorbency area of these period undies so these will work best for medium to heavy flow days. These can be worn by ladies, too, as they go up to a size 16-18 in a women's size. 


Tween & teen Period Knickers ~ Dance Diva Pro ~ ULTRA HEAVY, in beige/flesh colour

Dance Diva Pro Period Underwear has enclosed seams (seam-free) and an extra layer of leakproof protection for longer wearing (heavier absorbency).

Dance Diva Pro are high-cut (like the original Dance Diva Period Undies) and have a slightly cheekier cut across the bottom making these the best choice for dance, acro, and ice skating costumes on heavy-period days or long-performance days.

 Knicked™ is proud to be THE FIRST period underwear company to invent dance-period undies ... changing lives for dancers everywhere. The styling makes them undetectable under leotards, dance, cheer, or acro costumes.


Dance without limits even while on your period with the help of period underwear. Our dance period undies allow you to move freely and confidently without worrying about leaks or discomfort. Whether you're a professional dancer or just someone who loves to move to the beat, period underwear is a great option for those who want to stay active during menstruation. 

Additionally, they are eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to traditional disposable menstrual products. 90% of every sanitary pad is plastic and it’s estimated that it takes between 500-800 years to biodegrade! In a lifetime, a female can purchase and use 10,000 disposable sanitary products, which is around 130kg of period waste per person, all ending up in landfill and oceans. Until now! Knicked is the most effective underwear to eliminate period waste for girls who are beginning their journey through to womanhood. We all wear underwear every day, so replacing it with Knicked will not only save you money and your daughter from embarrassing leaks, but also protect our beautiful planet!

Don't let your periods hold you back from doing what you love – keep dancing!