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Brand Rep for Knicked period underwear

 Knicked Australia - BRAND REP AGREEMENT

What we would love from our Brand Ambassadors.

Being one of our brand ambassadors means helping us create brand awareness and provides us with images that we can use on our socials and website. 

You can do this by:

  • Taking good quality photos of your daughter wearing our undies or featuring them in the photo, candid photos of your daughter which we could use to show how easy periods are with Knicked (photo doing a sport, hanging out, watching tv)
  • Posting these pics on social media, tagging us
  • Sending us the images via email info@knicked.com.au
  • Reposting or sharing our social media posts (where relevant)
  • Using this hashtag #knickedau on all posts, and any of these also if you'd like; #knickedgirls, #periodunderwear #tweenperiods #ecoperiod #zerowaste
  • Commenting positively on our posts
  • Being enthusiastic about our brand and recommending the brand to others. 

As a brand rep, we expect you to have a genuine love for our brand as this will show in your promotional work. 

Brand Ambassadors are chosen based on:

  • Good quality pictures
  • Sharing the same passions as the brand (such as the environment, parenting, tweens/teens, supporting small business etc)
  • A genuine love & interest in our brand
  • As a bonus, it'd be great if you have an active Instagram and Facebook i.e. you are happy for either your teen or yourself to post on your socials!

We’re all about body positivity and we want to make sure that our images reflect this … it's in no way a beauty contest, and it’s not about looking amazing and styled in every photo, but more for other mums & their daughters to see how the underwear look and to show girls that being PERIOD POSITIVE is a fantastic thing to be proud of! 

The people that we've chosen are based on our shared values and fun/natural images, and have the same “positive outlook on periods” as we have so we are aligned perfectly. 

Brand ambassadors for Knicked will receive:

    • One pair of KNICKED undies initially, while we ascertain correct sizing and  (pardon the pun 😉) that we’re a good fit!
    • If we ARE a good fit, then to represent our brand you will receive a full period bundle (additional 7 products - @$140.00 RRP) FREE including postage. 
    • PLUS from time to time, additional items such as a washbag, teen positivity cards, wet bag or monthly magic oil 
    • PLUS as we release new products, we’ll send those out to you also. 
    • 30% discount for any additional products you want to purchase for the duration of the brand rep/enthusiast contract
    • Exposure – regular mentions on our social media 
    • A whole lot of love and appreciation! 

Our Brand Reps are required to:

    • Post or submit images to us featuring our products.
    • This could be a photoshoot, flat lay or candid shot and onto Facebook and/or Instagram. 
    • Photos must be natural (fun filters are fine) and age appropriate
    • Tag #Knickedau and @Knicked in your photos if you're posting them (not just sending them to us)
    • Add a review in Google that sounds natural https://neon.ly/Knicked-Google-My-Business
    • Add a review to Facebook (can be copied and pasted!) https://www.facebook.com/knicked
    • Add reviews to each product that you receive on the relevant product pages. (we can guide you with this)
    • Invite friends and family who would be genuinely interested in our products to follow us @Knickedau
    • Promote our brand on your own social media (Instagram: @knickedau and use hashtag #knickedau #knickedgirls, #periodunderwear, #tweenperiods #ecoperiod #zerowaste Facebook: @Knicked 
    • If it feels right, please share our posts from our Facebook page, tag friends, reply to comments and publicly promote Knicked by commenting on forums / mum pages / groups that are looking for our type of product or may have an interest in Knicked.
    • Promote any Sales, Giveaways and promotions Knicked is currently running

Terms and Conditions:

    1. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement effective immediately if the brand ambassador does not adhere to the rules stated above.
    2. You agree your images may be used for promotion on our website and social media and those promoting Knicked underwear. All images are only to be used for promotion of the Knicked brand.
    3. You will share images you’ve taken that we may like to use, regardless of whether you’ve posted them yourself. 
    4. You agree to the above requirements and will adhere to them to the best of your capabilities. 
  • Brand Rep can post from the child's account or the parents account, OR just send us the images directly without posting - there's no pressure!

  • Please click the Brand Rep Form button below to fill out the form.


    Thank you and we look forward to working with you! 


    Caro owner of Knicked

    Proud Owner of Knicked Pty Ltd

    Text me on 0415 840226
    Email meinfo@knicked.com.au

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