Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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Budget-friendly menstrual options for you to manage living expenses amidst the surge

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Period products, and their rising costs, can feel like one of those "unfair" things in life. With calls (again!) for the Government to intervene, this ABC article shines a light on the financial cost; "The average person who menstruates will spend $10,000 in their lifetime on period products – which does not include pain management. And, although the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was removed from menstrual products in 2019, Dr Duffy said cost pressures this year were "significant" ... and prices have gone up more in the last six months, with each period costing on average an extra $3 more. 

Many people are choosing to make the switch to reusables, and an example is 19-year-old Angelina Inthavong, who said when it comes to buying period products, cost of living pressures have certainly been back of mind. "I've definitely used a lot more period underwear, just because it's really expensive at the start but I know it's an investment that will pay off down the line," she said. "It's really helped me manage some of the costs by getting to use them again."

Knicked reusable period undies and swimwear can last for up to two years when used and washed correctly. 

Our mission? Undies that not only cut your long-term period costs but also don't cost the earth. You're helping the environment with every single purchase of a reusable product, that doesn't add to landfill. 

The Knicked way

Knicked has your back with a range ofperiod undies and swimwear tailored for tweens and teens at every stage of the period game. 

If you're gearing up for your first period, cruising through a light flow, or having heavy periods overnight, our period undies are your reliable sidekick—offering comfort, peace of mind, and protection against unexpected period surprises, or leaks through the night.

Knicked's layers

Knicked period undies steer clear of any nasties like Polyurethane Laminate (PULs), Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), or Nano-silver found in many other brands.

  • Outer Fabric: Your choice of either soft Eco Modal or lightweight cooling/sweat-proof Sports Micro-mesh.
  • Leak-proof Layer: This layer prevents liquids from passing through the undies but still allows airflow for breathability and prevents sweating.
  • Central Layer: Our unique absorbent layer locks in the liquid. In our Super Heavy Absorbency range, it can hold more than 200 times its weight, making it one of the highest on the market.
  • Inner Layer: A soft charcoal-infused bamboo mesh lining eliminates odour and is moisture-wicking, giving you a drier surface next to your skin.
  • Bundling and Saving with Knicked Period Undies

We go beyond making your period experience reliable and comfortable; we want it to be budget-friendly too.

That's why we've carefully curatedspecial bundles not only offering the best protection and a great chance to try out our various styles and absorbencies, but also lightening the load on your wallet.

Heavy Absorbency Bundle Period Undies:

  • Price: $139.70 AUD (Original Price: $163.65 AUD)
  • Savings: 15% ($23.95 AUD)
  • Includes 5 pairs of heavy/overnight absorbency undies plus 2 pairs of light absorbency for lead-up days or light spotting. This bundle not only saves you $23.95 but also ensures you're covered 24/7. Imagine the freedom—pop on a pair, and you're shielded from leaks, stains, and odours for up to 10 hours. As a bonus, one pair is absolutely free, and you'll receive a gift valued at $9.95.

Heavy Absorbency Bundle Period Undies

Puberty & Beyond! Light Absorbency Bundle Period Undies:

  • Special Offer: $69.95 (Total Pack Value: $120.60)
  • Designed for lead-up months before a first period, covering everything from discharge to light bladder leaks. Get 5 pairs of Pre-period/light absorbency and 2 pairs of Heavy/overnight absorbency for extra protection.
  • Pay for SIX pairs and receive your 7th pair FREE—that's a saving of $19.95! Plus, a gift valued at $9.95 is on its way to you.

Puberty & Beyond! Light Absorbency Bundle Period Undies

Welcome to Puberty! Get Ready For Your First Period Pack:

  • Special Offer: $69.95!!! (Total Pack Value: $120.60)
  • A complete starter pack for puberty! Choose between 2x Pre-Period/Light Absorbency & 1x Heavy Absorbency Undies or 2x Overnight/Heavy Absorbency & 1x Pre-Period/Light Absorbency Undies.
  • On top of that, you'll receive 24 Healing Hearts, 1 Mini Set of Teen Self-Esteem Boosting Inspiration Cards, 1 Girls-Can-Do-Anything Bracelet, and 1 Silk Bag—all valued at $120.60! Grab this special offer for just $69.95.

Welcome to puberty! Get Ready For Your First Period Pack

Mixed Bundle Period Undies:

  • Price: $139.70 AUD (Original Price: $163.65 AUD)
  • Savings: 15% ($23.95 AUD)
  • Perfect for those wanting variety, the Mixed Bundle includes 3 pairs of the popular Dance Diva. Plus, get SEVEN PAIRS FOR THE PRICE OF SIX! Neatly packed in a gorgeous bag, along with a special gift.

Mixed Bundle Period Undies

The rising cost of living in Australia is hitting everyone, especially families and our young teens and tweens. If you think our blog post can help someone out, share it with your friends. Let's support each other and make dealing with these financial challenges a bit easier together!