Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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Changing the way tweens and teens think about periods!

Dealing with your period can be really tough, especially when you're at school, a swimming carnival, or dance class. Dealing with heightened emotions, physical discomfort, and social embarrassment can be incredibly challenging. It's important to acknowledge the significant mental strain that accompanies these experiences and, forge a new way forward to PERIOD POSITIVITY!!!

Benefits of using period underwear

Periods can indeed be quite bothersome, but they're a natural part of being female and it's important to take care of yourself. Period underwear is an amazing solution that will help tweens and teens feel confident and comfortable ... no more worrying about leaks, odours or the awkwardness of trying to change your pad at school. It's time to bid farewell to those old bulky pads and awkward tampons forever with the life-altering period undie! 

Period underwear are effective at preventing leaks and stains because they have absorbent layers constructed right in which solves a multitude of concerns that girls have in those first few years of getting their period. Firstly, one pair of heavy-absorbency undies will see you through the day! That's right - no need to duck off to the bathroom with your period pouch, dealing with the school bathrooms (eww) and finding no sanitary bin in the cubicle! 
The psychological repercussions of NOT having to deal with all of that, is immense! Period underwear makes periods just so easy, changing students' attitudes about menstruation health, and this acceptance helps to create a community where talking about periods isn't taboo, which in turn increases empathy and understanding among students. A nicer, kinder world for everyone!

Comfort and convenience of period underwear.

Period underwear is great and has the potential to completely transform the game. It's an amazing product that's designed to replace traditional tampons and pads. Get rid of leaks and get ready for a whole new level of comfort and confidence!

Period underwear isn't like other underwear. No, it's more like an underwear superhero cape, but it FEELS like regular underwear! It all comes down to stain and leak prevention. You won't need to worry about blood spots on the back of your uniform, dance leotard, or your favourite white pants. You can get through the day without continually checking for leaks if you wear period underwear. How fantastic is that?

Not only is it more convenient to use period underwear, but it also helps the environment. You see, using standard menstruation products generates a lot of non-biodegradable waste that is so bad for the environment. Help your daughter become an eco-warrior by buying her reusable period underwear! It's like helping the world while also crushing your period like a champ.

Promoting body positivity and self-confidence.

And what's this? Being empowered is the main goal of period underwear. It's similar to getting a confidence boost during your period. It's also a great topic for conversation. Let's dismantle those taboos from that era! Period underwear enables us to make talking about periods completely natural.

Let's talk about how comfortable and soft these period undies are. The soft, breathable material ensures a pleasant wearing experience and a continual sensation of cleanliness. No more discomfort or odours. Like your favourite pair of underpants, but with superpowers! 

Our light absorbency undies are just like regular knickers, and are perfect for the days leading up to your period or at the end of your period, and all the days in between periods to deal with LBL and discharge. 

Our heavy absorbency undies are perfect for all the days of your period and overnight, giving confidence like you wouldn't believe ... we hear so often from mums, "wish these were around back in my day!!" 

The best thing is that maintaining period underwear is simple. Stop rushing to purchase pads and tampons, and save money like a pro with period underwear. Re-use over and over again, and if looked after well, they can last years. 
At the end of the day, she simply needs to take them off in the shower, stomp on them until the water runs clear, put them in a wash bag, and next time a darks or coloureds wash is going on, pop the period undies (in the wash) bag into the machine, and then hang to dry. SO EASY!

Period underwear will protect her all day. There is no need to run to the toilet in between classes or ask to go to the bathroom during class. Worry-free periods really ARE possible, so she can concentrate on studying, laughing, and enjoying herself with friends.

Breaking the taboo through open conversations.

Teens and tweens often lead busy lives and having their period shouldn't stop any of this! Wearing period underwear while engaging in physically demanding activities like sports or dancing can help your daughters stay period positive, while living an active lifestyle - which helps alleviate period pain or discomfort. By demonstrating that menstruation should never be seen as a limitation but rather as a normal aspect of life that should be accepted with confidence and openness, period undies for the win!

So let's cheerfully and positively help our daughters accept their periods! Period underwear should be used for the duration of their period, and no pads or tampons are needed. During our period we should be enjoying ourselves, so help her become an eco-hero, and celebrate how amazing her body is, with what it can do. Together, we can dismantle the stigma surrounding periods, engage in honest dialogue, and demonstrate to the rest of the world that periods are normal, manageable, easy, and not at all a huge deal.