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10 great gift ideas for tweens and teens this Christmas

 Gift ideas for tweens and teens this Christmas

The festive season is officially upon us and you might have found, that gift shopping has gotten trickier since your kids got that bit older ... gone are the days where our little people were easy to shop for, because now they've got much clearer and firmer ideas about what they want, what they'll wear, listen to and watch. So we've compiled a list after much research on the top gifts for tweens and teens for Christmas 2021, so kick back and enjoy the read, as we share 10 awesome gift ideas that will give your tween and teen JOY this Christmas!

1. Skincare products

As your daughters are either starting puberty or in the midst of it, they're more likely to be conscious of their skin - which is why gifting them some beautiful skincare products will not only make them feel special but also help them achieve the skin they dream of. Give them something that they can use anytime of the day such as natural lip balm, face mask, or if they're worried about pimples lately, give them pimple patches.

In our Limited Edition Christmas Pack, we've included 12 healing hearts (pimple patches), among loads of other awesome products, and our healing hearts contain hydrocolloid particles which absorb oils and draw out impurities. So, if you wish to grab our Christmas pack for your tweens and teens, check them out here.

2. Make-up

Perhaps your kids are getting interested in make-up? Did you know that about 90% of tweens and teens aged 9-17 are using beauty products? Gifting them make-up which that's environmentally friendly, can set them up to look after their skin at this crucial time in their lives. 

... and if they're a fan of something shiny and glittery, check out Glitter Girl. This company is founded by a tween and they're selling eco, vegan, fun fashion make-up and cool glittery embellishments! They also have fabulous tutorials which you can see on their YouTube channel ... like this one! 

3. Hair styling products

From straight to curly, ponytail to bun, and everything in between, hair can be FUN! There are so many ways for our tweens and teens to show their personality with their hair, from headbands to hair claws (or clutches), hair jewels to banana clips, this generation is embracing old-style hair embellishments like the hair scrunchie, for example! Handa's Crafts and Curtains have created a DIY scrunchie kit that's perfect holiday activity. You can select from 14 kit options, and you can do them together with your kids, on a sewing machine or by hand. Check them out here.

4. Camera

Millenials invented the selfie, but Gen Z took it to the next level! No doubt your kids are experimenting with themselves on camera, which can be really fun! These days, it's rare that we PRINT our pics, so the new INSTAX is a really fun way to get instant photos and decorate their walls with memories! We're running a giveaway right now on our socials, and anyone who makes a purchase between Monday 29th Novemberand Monday 13th December, will go in the draw to win an Instax mini 11 (with new selfie mode!!!)
PLUS ... the prize pack comes with our Knicked Inspiration cards from our new December 2021 range! Read the post below for more details.


5. Swimwear

Here in Australia, Christmas time is SUMMERTIME, so new swimwear is a great gift idea! Does your teen or tween prefer a 1-piece or two-piece?  We're launching our new KNICKED PERIOD SWIMWEAR this month and we're so excited! Make sure you're following us on our socials and subscribed to our newsletter as we'll be having a bunch of giveaways as soon as they arrive! Join the discussion here


6. Mini fridge

How fun is the mini fridge? There's a trend going on at Tiktok where users are sharing what they want to get this Christmas using the hashtag #ChristmasList - and one of the most common items that tweens and teens are sharing is a Mini Fridge, particularly this Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge.

Check this out!

7. Bed linen

Teens and tweens LOVE lounging around in their room, and delightful linen sheets just make that experience even more divine. Perhaps this Christmas is the perfect time for a little bedroom makeover and we've found KIP & CO who are a business with a difference; ethical, environmentally-conscious, and gorgeous bed linen designs, too! 

Add this refreshing Natural Lemon Myrtle Linen Mist so your kids can spray their pillows before bed, and make their rooms smell amazing. Lemon Myrtle is both calming and refreshing. Grab yours here.

 8. Fairy lights/LED lights

Fairy lights are a super easy way to make a space look gorgeous, and there are so many ways to use them to personalise a space. They're a great gift for your kids friends, as well as stocking fillers for your own family. 

Give them fairy lights/LED lights and get inspiration from Pinterest! You can find a bunch of different types of lighting here.

9. Electronics

If your tweens and teens are into gadgets and other electronics, you've got plenty of options to choose from, like Portable Chargers, Bluetooth Keyboard, Bluetooth Speaker, and so much more! We've linked them so can check out some products that we like!

10. Christmas Pack!

Every year we offer a Limited Edition Christmas PackWhat's inside this year's pack?

  • 2 x pairs period undies (your choice of Dance, Active Stretch Heavy or Active Stretch Light) 
  • 1 x Magic Monthly PMS Roll-on
  • 1 x Healing Heart Pimple recovery pack
  • 1 x Plush Spa Headband
  • 1 x Eco-friendly Beauty Cleanser Pad (random colour)
  • All wrapped ready to put under the tree 🌲
  • We've also included a special discount to use with two lovely teenpreneurs..

The whole kit is valued at $100.00, our special price of $47.00 - that's below HALF PRICE just for you!  Limited to 2 packs per order... 

PLUS, if you're a first-time customer, you can use the discount code TRYME at checkout to get $5.00 off your purchase! Grab yours here

christmas bundle save and best gift

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Happy festive season to you and yours!!