Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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What it feels like to have your period when you're a ballet dancer!

What it feels like to have your period when you're a ballet dancer

If you're a dancer or you have tweens and teens who are, you'll know for sure the horrors that they face when it's THAT TIME OF THE MONTH ... panic, worry, distress, and for some - anxiety.

From the tight-fitting nature of the leotard, to the pale pink colours (and ballet-pink coloured tights!) none of this is really giving anyone much comfort or confidence when it comes to having your period. We've heard some girls give up dancing at this time in their life, due to the awkwardness of not knowing how to navigate the bulky pads or tricky and uncomfortable tampons or period cups. 

... and did you know that some ballet schools don't even allow their dancers to wear any shorts or dance skirts over their tights and leotard, so the struggles are REAL!

Imogen, a former dancer told MamaMia, "You can't wear underwear under your tights as your leotards are normally really high cut and they would show and it can feel really uncomfortable with them too." 

So the big question is ... how can we make our tween and teen dancers feel a little more confident when aunt Flo is paying her monthly visit?

For so many years, most ballet dancers have opted for tampons or wingless pads when it's period time. However, that's not always a great idea. At the end of day, there are known side effects to using tampons, such as Toxic Shock Syndrome

Watch this video from Goalcast about a supermodel who lost both her feet due to Toxic Shock Syndrome brought about by wearing a tampon.

As a mum with daughters, I wanted to make the transition from pre-puberty to periods easy, safe and stress-free without the need using disposables. I've spent years researching materials and technology to provide the best pre-period and period underwear for teens and tweens, so they can still do what they love (dancing) even during that time-of-the-month. We are PROUD to be the first company to develop period dance underwear! 

In the beginning (at Knicked's conception!) we introduced our every-day undies; Active Stretch Pre-period and Heavy Absorbency which have cooling micromesh, and they're lightweight. They can give up to 10 hours of protection from leaks, stains and odours. 

We also introduced Super Soft Modal Cotton Hipster: Pre-Period/Light Absorbency and Overnight/Heavy Absorbency. Our Overnight/Heavy Absorbency can hold between 40-60mls the equivalent of 6 soaked regular pads or tampons. Use either all day or overnight for total protection without the need for bulky pads or awkward tampons.

THEN in 2020 we brought out the first-ever period undies for dancers! Dance Diva come in Nude and quickly followed up by introducing Black. We named them our Dance Diva range, and they are nearly invisible under any dance, cheer, acro costume, PLUS the nude are the perfect choice for all your summer whites - no more hiding under dark colours. Like all our heavy absorbency undies, our Diva's still have our amazing Knicked leakproof technology right up to the back waistband - so whether your pirouetting, leaping, somersaulting or just hanging out with friends Diva will have you protected from stains, leaks and odours for hours. 

Grab a pair for your teens and tweens so they can try them out! You can also use the discount code TRYME at checkout to get $5.00 OFF your purchase.

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