Why it's important you only wear BREATHABLE period underwear.

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How to stop period leaks at night - no more soiled sheets!

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For tweens and teens, getting enough sleep is crucial for their physical and mental health. Sleep allows their bodies to rest and recharge, while also supporting their cognitive development and emotional well-being.

However, when they’re on their period, getting comfortable sleep can be challenging. Period cramps, bloating, and discomfort can make it difficult to get comfortable, and the fear of leaking and waking up to a bloody mess on their sheets can add anxiety to an already stressful situation.

And let’s face it. Leaks happen.

It's important to remember that experiencing leaks is entirely normal. It can get frustrating though when we need a good night’s sleep but we’re worrying about waking up to soiled sheets!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why sleep is important to tweens and teens and share some steps you can take to avoid leaking at night.

But first, why do leaks happen?

Period leaks can happen for a variety of reasons, and understanding these reasons is the first step in avoiding them. Here are some of the most common causes of period leaks:

  1. Heavy flow: When you have a lot of period blood to manage, it can be challenging to keep it contained. A pad or tampon can only hold so much, and once it becomes saturated, leaks can occur.
  2. Improper use of products: If you don't change your period products frequently enough, it can become overwhelmed and lead to leaks. Similarly, if it isn’t positioned correctly, it may not be able to catch all the blood.
  3. Sleeping position: If you sleep on your stomach, your blood may be more likely to leak out of the front.

By understanding the causes of period leaks, you can take steps to avoid them and achieve the much needed sleep at night.

Why sleep is important to tweens and teens

According to Kids Helpline, sleep is like food for your brain. Getting enough sleep is important for your physical and mental wellbeing. 



How to avoid period leaks at night

  1. Change your sleeping position: If you tend to sleep on your stomach, you may be more prone to leaks from the front of your pad or tampon. To avoid this, try sleeping on your side instead. You can also place a pillow between your legs for added comfort.
  2. Switch up your protection right before bed: Changing to a fresh period product before bed can help prevent leaks during the night. Make sure to use a product with a higher absorbency level.
  3. Wear period undies: Period underwear is a great option for overnight use, as they're designed to be absorbent and leak-proof. We've taken it one step further and we have introduced ultra heavy absorbency period sleep shorts to the market. Our Sleep Shorts are designed for those with very heavy periods whether you're a front, side or back sleeper, because we've turned absorbency on its head!! In a first for boyleg period undies these menstrual shorts offer absorbency in all 4 directions - front, back, side, and even down the inside leg. Our Period Sleep Shorts are underwear AND outerwear! (You don't need to wear extra undies underneath).

Knicked Girls Period Sleep Shorts are the best way to have a great night's sleep without the worry of period leaks through the night and waking up to soiled sheets.

Knicked sleep period shorts


Remember, leaks are normal, but taking steps to manage them can help you feel more comfortable and in control during your period.

BONUS tip to get that comfortable sleep!

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Why period undies are  a game changer

We have three options to go with your Knicked sleep shorts or regular Knicked period undies.

  1. Sleep tee's (2 different sizes/designs) which you can pair with period sleep shorts or undies
  2. 2-piece set, wear Knicked period undies underneath! 

When your kids are wearing something that's super soft, scrumptious to laze around in, and encourages more time enjoying the perfect slumber, they'll benefit from everything good sleep offers us all. 

Here's to better and longer sleeps for everyone!